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About Angela Viau-Hendry

When it comes to buying or selling your home, you probably would like a recommendation from a trusted friend. Quite possibly your friends don't know a good realtor or if they do, they may not be the right fit for you. You want someone who is going to put YOUR needs first.

If you are looking for a Realtor who is working full time, and not doing this as a side gig while they figure out their true passion. Has over twenty years of experience and a thourough understanding of the Calgary market. Has a network of trusted to professionals to ensure you are looked after both during and after the transaction takes place. Then you are looking for Angela Viau-Hendry at CIR Realty.

"No two houses are alike, and neither are any two clients, which is why I've realized the importance of providing individualized service tailored to each clients' needs and where they are in life according to their situation and budget" states Angela.

Angela's business name LIVING REDEFINED speaks to what she believes Real Estate is about. She knows your home and Real Estate has the power to shape the way you live. A big part of her approach is thoroughly going through not only short term but long term goals with her clients. She strives to give those she works with the best advice and knowledge so they can be empowered with their decisions or opportunities in buying, selling and investing. She likes to dig deep into what is important and takes time to find hidden gems for buyers, creative ways to market for sellers and gateways for good investments for investors.

"Whether it's a couple planning to have kids,  a senior looking to downsize,  a marriage beginning or ending,  an avid investor diversifying their portfolio,  I want to make sure I'm "Redefining" their new way of living so it's what "fits" for them and not what will just get me the "sale", she says.

Having lived in Calgary since 1980 and selling over 500 homes so far in her career, Angela knows the Calgay market through good times and bad which is crucial to helping clients navigate the buying and selling process.

She jokingly says "I like to cut through all the internet, the on-line that people start their searches with and really get to what is truly important. Trying to find a house on-line is similar to dating on-line, they often don't look the same in person and the description is far from reality". She can see through most of this and can save you time and heartache. She did set up two clients once, "they are still happily married almost 20 years later" she laughs,  but their are no guarantees she can do this for you,  but what she does say is she will do her utmost to ensure you have a great experience with her services and have a trusted realtor to tell your friends about. That is what LIVING REDEFINED is: a new way to live, and she will help you get there.

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